University of Manitoba Supply Chain Organization

What is UMSCO?

The University of Manitoba Supply Chain Organization (UMSCO) is also the APICS Winnipeg Student Chapter. Our main purpose is to provide information, resources, and networking opportunities to those majoring in Logistics & Supply Chain Management and to individuals interested in the field. Our goal is to help bridge the connection between companies and students looking for career options within the supply chain field.

UMSCO is well-known for our supportive community, which is made up of undergraduate and graduate students. We have been receiving tremendous support from the supply chain department and many top companies in Winnipeg.

What are the benefits of joining UMSCO?

Guest Speaker Meetings
UMSCO invites two companies to attend our monthly member meetings allowing companies to speak about operations and career opportunities for prospective students

UMSCO hosts an annual Meet and Greet every year, which is the largest networking event for students majoring in Logistics & Supply Chain Management. It is an evening spent with representatives from companies highly involved in the supply chain field. In the past students have been highly successful making connections for their future careers.

Charity Event
UMSCO is introducing a new event this academic school year of 2017 – 2018 where we invite students to volunteer for our charity event, giving students the opportunity to build friendships, team work skills, and communication skills. 

Case Competitions
In this academic year, we are excited to organize the first local student case competition in Winnipeg. Students can get involved and join training sessions that can help develop their critical thinking and presentation skills that can be transferable to the workplace environment. We also send students to three regional and national competitions each year including:  APICS Competition (Cambridge), SCMA Case Competition (Calgary), and Operation Stimulus (Denver).