Case Competitions

We’re very excited to offer three opportunities for UMSCO members to compete in Regional and National Case Competitions in 2018! They are taking place in the following cities:

  • Denver, Colorado
  • Cambridge, Ontario
  • Calgary, Alberta

*Recruiting period will happen during November 2018. Make sure to register to our local Case competition 2018 to have more presentation skills and experience. 

Sixth Annual SCMA Student Case Competition – Calgary, Alberta
When: February 25, 2017scma_logo (1).png
Team Requirement: Team of 4 members

For more information, check out their website below:

Students receive the case the morning of their competition date. They will have approximately 4 hours to work through their recommendations to present to the judges, comprised of industry professionals and academic leaders. In this competition, you are not allowed any outside materials and no internet access. All necessary materials will be provided to you by the competition directors. You will be evaluated on your case solution, presentation and originality/critical thinking. It’s a great opportunity to learn from industry professionals as they give feedback to each group after they compete!

Lloyd Clive Memorial Student Case Competition – Cambridge, Ontario
When: February 4&5, 2017
Team requirement: Team of 4 membersheaderlogo.png

For more information, check out their website below:

One exciting aspect of this case competition is that the competition in February is a preliminary round for the global case competition happening later in the year. If you make finals, the trip to the global competition will be free! A couple years ago, two Canadian teams won the global challenge in Las Vegas, placing 1st and 2nd place. This means beating countries such as China and Japan. One interesting fact is that each of these Canadian teams were made up of individuals with English as their 2nd language!
This competition will give you a case that you’ll have to analyze during the day and present on the same day.

Operations Stimulus Case Competition – Denver, Colorado OS2017_EventGraphic_650.png
When: February 2-4, 2017
How many: Team of 4-6 members

For more information, check out their website below:

This competition releases the case 3 weeks prior to the competition and the team will have to prepare their analysis during this 3-week period prior to the competition.
Presentation to occur at the competition.


University of Manitoba Supply Chain Organization (UMSCO) won the First Place at the National Round in the International Supply Chain APICS Case Competition 2018