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UMSCO 2017-2018 Executive Team

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Kim Ngan Phan – President


I am in my fourth year in Asper doing double majors in Supply Chain and Accounting. I am pursuing my career in Supply Chain and Logistics management in Asper as it covers a broad area including operation, logistics, procurement, or global supply chain that provide students competitive skills and knowledge to work in various demanding roles in the today market.
My favorite topic is Lean Management. The idea of continuous improving the whole system and people focus that creates more effective, efficient and safer processes makes me feel my career is meaningful.
I have been with UMSCO since my first year in Asper. Started as a member, joined two national case competitions, and then took over the Director of Finance last year. UMSCO provides our members unique benefits that other groups may not have. You can network with peers, alumni, professors and our corporate partners who study or work in the specific logistics and supply management areas, which provides you various job opportunities that fits with your major. We also organize and send students to different supply chain case competitions where you can show case your skills and knowledge in the field, adding something remarkable on your resume. UMSCO is also the only student chapter of APICS, providing members resources, education, job posting and networking within North America.


Vivian Quang – Vice President


I am in my fifth year at Asper, majoring in Logistics & Supply Chain Management. During my first couple of years in university, I struggled to find a major that I was completely happy with. After I took Supply Chain Management & Operations, I knew there was something out there that suited me. The supply chain major provides endless amounts of opportunities whether it is in transportation, operations, or logistics, and it made me realize that there is always room to learn, grow, and, expand your career aspirations. Supply chain management is a fast-paced and challenging industry, where critical thinking skills are a necessity towards finding solutions, it can range from: finding a shorter lead time, carrying less inventory to reduce cost, or supplier base consolidation. Finding these solutions and working in fast-paced environments is what attracted me to this major because I love overcoming obstacles and the supply chain field provides this opportunity for me. My favourite topic in supply chain would definitely be sustainability! I found it extremely interesting to learn about the different aspects of sustainability and how many companies are trying to implement these practices within their organization.

I decided to join UMSCO because I wanted to get more involved in the school community before I graduate. I have grown to love the supply chain field and I am excited to share my initial experiences and passion for this major with other students as well as build my network by developing relationships with companies and employers. UMSCO provides numerous opportunities for students, whether it is connecting with employers, or simply learning more about the supply chain field. In addition, UMSCO provides case competition experience catered towards students that helps you develop and strengthen your critical thinking skills and also helps you improve your presentation skills that can be applied in various courses at the Asper School.


Karl Johnson – Director of Finance


My name is Karl Johnson and this year I will be taking on the responsibility of Director of Finance. I am part of the Joint Degree Program between the Asper School of Business and Red River College. This is my last year at Asper working towards my BCOMM with majors in Accounting and Supply Chain Management. The part of Supply Chain that I find interesting is the development of the actual bases of implementing the systems of a corporations supply to their business entities. Being involved in UMSCO is an awesome opportunity to network with like-minded individuals in the education and business communities. I hope that everyone has a successful year in all of their pursuits.


Steven Couto – Director of  Marketing & Communications


My name is Steven Couto and I am the Director of Marketing and Communications for UMSCO 2017-2018. I am in my fifth year at Asper, majoring in International Business and Actuarial Mathematics. My favourite supply chain courses that I took were on exchange, as they gave me insight into the importance of global supply chains in business.  Although I am not majoring in Supply Chain Management, I joined UMSCO because I wanted to get more involved in the school community, as well as diversify my business knowledge to ensure a well-rounded business background.

Fun fact about myself, I love to travel and explore new cultures!


Jesse Greenberg – Director of Academic Programming


My name is Jesse Greenberg and I am Director of Academic Programming for UMSCO 2016-2017. I am in my seventh year of university, majoring in Supply Chain & International Business.I took the introductory course and soon after became the marker & grader for that course which helped me land a job with Birchwood Automotive. I also have a passion for entrepreneurial activities, and I felt supply chain and logistics was a great field of study to help me in my future pursuits. My favourite Supply Chain course taken was Project Management. It is not entirely geared toward supply chain, however the professor was fantastic and the lessons and materials were extremely valuable for my organizational skill development. I joined UMSCO because I have learned that university is a great place to learn a base curriculum, but groups like this give you opportunities to make friends, meet employers who wouldn’t otherwise meet, and engage in new ways of learning.

Fun fact about myself, I play ultimate frisbee competitively representing Canada at 4 world championships and counting. The sport isn’t as glamorous as others, but it has taken me across the globe.


Tasia Papadopoulos – Director of Professional Development


My name is Tasia Papadopoulos and I am the Director of Professional Development for UMSCO 2017-2018. I am in my fourth year at Asper with my major in Logistics and Supply Chain Management. I really enjoyed the course Transportation Principles with Barry Prentice and I am looking forward to Purchasing as I really enjoyed my co-op work term as a buyer. I joined UMSCO because I wasn’t really sure what jobs were available in Logistics and Supply Chain Management, nor did I know what companies were looking for Supply Chain students! UMSCO is a great way to network with like-minded students and meet potential employers.

Fun fact about myself, I love playing soccer and baseball in the summer!


Neelabh ShandilyaGraduate Student Representative


My name is Neelabh Shandilya and I am the Graduate Student Representative for UMSCO 2017-2018. I am in my first year of of the MBA program at Asper, majoring in Supply Chain Management and Marketing. I have always been passionate about being the part of a team that strategizes and manages the operations and supply chain for a company. Additionally some of the major firms like Cargill, Richardson International, North West, Princess Auto, New flyer, Boeing and much more operate out of Winnipeg, which makes it a lucrative domain to make a career in Winnipeg. In addition, with my background as a Business System Analyst in Data Service and IT, SCM is an interesting field to grow my career further. My favourite topic in Supply Chain is a tie between Project Management and Sustainable Lean Management.

UMSCO is by far the greatest experience any SCM enthusiast could get in this field at the university, before starting their career in supply chain. For me what worked out best was the fact that it has a great Executive Team with amazing people, chance to learn and broaden your horizon from the sessions taken by some of the wisest minds from the companies and of course the experience I had gained by traveling for the APICS Business Case Competition to Toronto. Additionally, UMSCO provides a great platform to network with companies and industry personnel. We also have the best-served pizza, salad, and drinks.. so you may want to join us at our meetings.

Fun fact about myself, I love traveling and have been to about 200 cities and counting. Recently started Blogging and collect Hot Wheels cars.