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UMSCO 2018-2019 Team

Meet The Executives


Max Block – President


LinkedIn: Max Block


As the president, Max’s main goal for UMSCO is to increase first and second-year students’ awareness of the Supply Chain Management & Logistics major and their desire to pursue it. The reasoning is that as a first-year student, he was unaware of this major, therefore he wants to change that for others. Another reason for the need to increase awareness is that SCM is one of the fastest growing areas of commerce. Given the increased demand and opportunities for SCM students, Max believes that many Asper students would benefit from learning about this major early in their academic career. Another priority for Max is to ensure students get the most out of their interactions and experiences with UMSCO. This means he will work towards nurturing the growth and quality of existing events. The narrative that he leads by is: to help students find their careers in SCM, and show them how they fit in an increasingly complex business environment. Lastly, he will ensure the harmony and effectiveness of his team!

Max’s personal goal for this year are to grow as a person by consciously enhancing his leadership ability! He is double majoring in SCM and Leadership & Organizations. Outside of UMSCO, he is a Commerce Students Association General Council Member, Student Senator, Member of the Senate Committee on Appeals, APICS Student Chapter President, and Beta Gamma Sigma Member. His hobbies include traveling, swimming, working at the family business, spending time with friends and family, and playing video games (although, he does not have too much time for this activity).


Kyra Fanning – Vice President


LinkedIn: Kyra Fanning

As the Vice President, Kyra is hoping to increase awareness of UMSCO and Supply Chain Management & Logistics as a major in Asper. As well, she will help students meet industry leaders and connect them with jobs after graduation. Working together with the Commerce Students Association and other STAGs to increase student participation in extra-curricular activities is also a large priority for the year. Lastly, Kyra will ensure the continued success of all UMSCO activities while having a fun year with her team.

Kyra is a fourth-year student at Asper majoring in SCM and Management Information Systems. Kyra is also one of the 52nd Annual Business Banquet Co-chairs and is actively involved with the CSA as she loves attending and planning all student-run events in Asper. She enjoys scrapbooking and journaling in her spare time and is also a huge Netflix fan!


Derick Pinkerton – Director of Finance


LinkedIn: Derick Pinkerton

Derick’s goal for UMSCO is to increase involvement and awareness around the Supply Chain Major. To achieve these objectives, Derick will keep the team on the right track financially, making decisions on which projects are worth their costs. He is majoring in Actuarial Mathematics through Asper and he is the University of Manitoba Students’ Union’s Judicial Board Chairperson and the Vice President of Finance for the University of Manitoba Leadership Organization. Derick’s hobbies include Fantasy Hockey, playing sports and working out, but mostly he just enjoys all that life has to offer.

Georgia Xu – Director of  Marketing & Communications

IMG_6798 2

LinkedIn: Georgia Xu

Georgia’s goal for UMSCO is to increase awareness of the organization for the incoming Asper students. She aims to create material that will strike an impression on students and engage them with UMSCO. Another goal is to acquire intel on what students need for their careers to flourish in the Supply Chain industry and present new event ideas to the next council.

Personally, Georgia’s short term goal is to complete her degree in Finance and Marketing, work, invest, and pursue her masters. Long term goals are to become a real estate developer, start a company and eventually create a sustainable NGO that solves problems and gives back to the world indefinitely.

Outside of classes and UMSCO, Georgia works as the Marketing & Communications Coordinator for Commerce Socials of the Commerce Students Association. In addition, she is completing her work-terms in the Co-op program. During her free time, she enjoys tutoring and volunteering. Reading, music, and art were a big a part of her life growing up, however currently, she has less time to spend on her interests. Her favourite sport is tennis and she enjoys going to the gym, meditating, and practicing yoga.

Josef Quintana – Director of Academic Development


Linkedin: Josef Quintana

Josef’s goal for UMSCO is to educate students (Asper and Non-Asper) about the value of Supply Chain Management & Logistics. He wants to highlight that the profession pairs well with other business aspects such as Accounting and MIS.

Personally, his short-term goal is to continue focusing on the present. Whether it is school, work, any UMSCO or other extra-curricular work, Josef wants to devote his attention to what’s in front of him. His long-term goal is to get his CPA designation and start a business afterwards.

He is an accounting major and his extra-curricular includes serving as the President of the Asper School of Business Association and being a member of the stag CEO. In his free time, he plays basketball and volleyball, and enjoys working out. He also enjoys listening to podcasts and spends most of his time outdoors.


Bhavik Bajaj – Director of Professional Development


LinkedIn: Bhavik Bajaj

Bhavik’s goal for UMSCO would be to organize an unprecedented meet and greet event making sure that a benchmark is set for the standard of the event. He believes that the event help students decide that Supply Chain Management & Logistics is the right major for them. His personal goal would be to become a portfolio manager within the next year as his long term goal is to run a investment firm. Bhavik majors in Finance and Marketing and pushes rigorously to finish his degree in less than 4 year while working part-time in sales and being a part of associations. In his free time, he invests in the stock market, swims and bikes.

Denton BoydDirector of Corporate Relations4h1a9322.jpg

Denton’s goals for UMSCO this year is to build and maintain strong relationships with companies and obtain interesting speakers for the Member Meetings!

His personal goals for this upcoming school year is to continue to grow as a person and to gain knowledge and skills he can use in life! He is a Supply Chain Management & Logistics major and is involved in playing intramural hockey in the Commerce Commodores. In his free time, Denton loves to play all kinds of sports, but his favourites are baseball and hockey. His hobbies include playing and watching sports (of course), and video games!

Udit Khanna – Graduation Representative


Linkedin: Udit Khanna

As the Graduate Student’s Representative, Udit’s goal is to increase the participation of graduate students at UMSCO. He plans to collaborate and interact with other students majoring in SCM to create a sharing community. Udit is currently pursuing a Masters of Business Administration majoring in SCM. Outside of UMSCO he is a councilor at the University of Manitoba Graduate Student Association representing Asper MBA and a committee member at the Asper MBA Students’ Association. Apart from his school life, he works, spends time with family and friends, and travels to new places. His hobbies include going to the gym and playing tennis!

Meet General Council


Tuan Le – Logistics Coordinator


Linkedin: Tuan Le

Tuan’s goal for UMSCO this year is to inform new students about Supply Chain Management & Logistics and grow the UMSCO community. He believes that SCM is a major with amazing career prospects. He will use his position at UMSCO to build essential skills, such as time management and relationships management. Tuan is a double-major student in SCM and Management Information Systems. Besides UMSCO, he will join the CSA Mentorship Program to gain new insights about the professional world from fellow students and Co-op program. In his free time, he is learning French for an intended trip to Quebec City and you can find him chilling out at the HUB!

Vi Bui – Logistics Coordinator

Linkedin: Vi Bui

Vi’s goal for UMSCO is to increase its awareness by organizing events. She will help students discover potential job opportunities and connect them to industry representatives. Personally she is learning and growing as she accepts responsibility as an adult. After graduation, her goal is to travel with her family with her own savings. Vi majors in Marketing and Management Information Systems. Her extra-curricular involve volunteering as a library assistant at the Health Science Center. She spends her free time with friends and speaking to family as they are in different countries, and she loves cooking and baking on weekends!

Vy Tran – Executive Assistant


Linkedin: Vy Tran

Vy will help UMSCO increase awareness by organizing more activities, events, and meetings to create a deeper connection within the Asper community. Like others, she had no idea of the Supply Chain Management & Logistics major in her first year and would like to change that for incoming students. Personally, Vy is working hard to improve work skills that differ from the skills she obtains through class. She wants to be a better leader as she pursues her career. She double majors in SCM and Human Resources Management. In her free time, Vy enjoys music, trying new foods, and making new friends.