Bachelor of Commerce, honor program – Logistics & Supply Chain Management major

Ever wondered where the clothes you wear or the food you eat comes from? The field of Logistics and Supply Chain Management supervises the flow of products, services, and information. It is the management of goods, from supplier to consumer. This discipline deals with all types of transport; from domestic trucking, international shipping, and everything in-between. Those who specialize in Supply Chain must be willing to coordinate, haggle, and adapt to ensure timely and efficient transportation of goods. Due to the rapid globalization of the world in the 21st century, the field of Supply Chain management has become increasingly important.

If you enjoy challenging yourself, planning and coordinating many different variables, and never experiencing the same day of work, the Supply Chain and Logistics major would be well-suited to you!

Possible careers include:
Supply Chain Designer, Production Scheduler, Inventory Controller, Supply Chain Consultant, Fulfillment Supervisor, Supply Chain Analyst
International Logistics Manager, Purchasing Manager, Supply Chain Software Manager, Transportation Manager
Warehouse Operations Manager, Director of Materials Management, Vice President Of SCM
And many more…

Human Resources Development Canada rates job prospects for managers in this field at its highest category.
The Logistics and SCM Major comprises four courses (12 credit hours), as follows:

Required courses in the major:
Transportation Principles (SCM 2210)
Introduction to Supply Chain Management (SCM 2230)
Supply Chain Logistics (SCM 3360)

Plus one of:
Selected Topics in Logistics and Transportation (SCM 2220; topics will vary)
Purchasing Management (SCM 2240)
Global Supply Chains (SCM 3230)
Advanced Issues in Supply Chain Management (SCM 4250)
Core Courses

Our Department offers the following two courses in the Asper School B. Comm core curriculum:

Introduction to Management Sciences (MSCI 2150)
Supply Chain & Operations Management (SCM 2160)